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Is Trucking Dead?

The question many truck drivers in the industry ask, especially the up and coming new drivers in the industry, is trucking dead?

Depending on who you ask you will have many answers from many drivers who have different perspectives on the industry. We took it upon ourselves to ask drivers this question, one driver in particular was Ivan.

Ivan has been working with Merdzic Transportation Services since 2018. He completed his lease purchase and bought a 2018 Cascadia from us in 2021 and has been with us since. He's an experienced owner operator with a positive attitude and positive work ethic.

We asked Ivan is trucking dead or if there is still money to be made out here? His response was what was expected from his attitude. "If you're not a hardworking man, I don't think trucking is for you." He said. "The only way you will fail in America is if you're dumb, and lazy."

Freight market maybe low, but trucking is a cycle. You have to ride the waves and take the good with the bad. Don't give up hope. If you're an owner operator think about being a company driver first before getting back into your own truck and paying for those heavy expenses.

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