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Reasons To Appreciate Truck Drivers!

Have you ever thought about the crazy hustle that keeps our stores stocked, parcels delivered, and economy constantly moving? Rain or shine, these amazing folks hit the road to move goods across the nation. They brave long hours, wild weather, and tricky roads just to make sure your must-haves get where they're needed, right on time.

We’ve talked with a few truckers, and let me tell you, their stories are pure gold. We've got several videos featuring these legends. They're all about their gig, tight with their trucker crew, and their grind doesn't go unnoticed.

Let's give a big shoutout & massive props to all the truck drivers out there who are keeping our shelves full, our businesses buzzing, and our communities thriving.

Here are some things you probably didn’t know about truck drivers, and these will definitely have you appreciating truckers and what they do for us more than ever before.

Trucking ranks among America's top 10 most dangerous jobs. But it's not just about accidents; the job can take a mental and physical toll on anyone. Think high stress, long lonely drives, and limited healthy food options. It's tough – about 70% of drivers are overweight. We’re all about encouraging truck drivers to squeeze in some exercise, even if it's just a short walk.

Plus, there's the crazy hours and schedules that are always changing. They make it hard for truck drivers to make their health a priority, including going to see a doctor when they need to.

In 2022 alone, nearly one thousand truckers lost their lives on the road. In over 80% of towns and cities across the US, trucks are the backbone of delivery services. Whether it's groceries, fresh kicks, or your latest online haul, chances are it's rolling in on a truck. Remember, if you got it, a trucker brought it.

Trucking isn't just about those big rigs hogging the highways. Your school bus driver, mail carrier, FedEx hero, even the tow truck driver – they're all part of the trucking world. The type of trucker someone is depends on a variety of factors: what they're driving, where they're headed, the routes they take, how frequently they drive, and who they're serving. Trucking is a diverse industry that touches many aspects of our daily lives.

15% of the US workforce is tied to trucking! That's 1 in 7 jobs! Not everyone's behind the wheel, but they're out there with the same goal, and that's getting goods where they need to go, safely and on time.

Trucking's a big player in the economy, with a ripple effect felt across industries. It's not just about transportation; it's about sustaining the flow of goods that keeps our country moving forward.

You also may not have known that truck drivers clock serious mileage – up to 3000 miles a week. But it's not just about speed; it's about regulations too. Companies set speed limits, and federal rules limit daily driving hours. It's a balancing act.

The distance a driver covers each day is influenced by numerous factors, and it's not just about weather conditions. Many companies impose speed limits on their drivers, typically around 65 miles per hour, even if the posted speed limit is higher. However, drivers can't go significantly below this limit without facing scrutiny.

Moreover, federal regulations restrict the number of hours a driver can spend on the road each day. It's the interplay between these two factors that ultimately determines the total weekly mileage a driver can achieve.

A fully-loaded semi at 80,000 pounds, cruising at 65mph, needs a crazy 525 feet to stop. Heavy vehicles pack a punch, and stopping them's no joke. So next time you're driving near a big rig, give 'em space – it could save lives.

So, next time you're driving near a semi truck on the highway or interstate, remember this: give them the space they need to stop safely. It could make all the difference.

Truckers face struggles every day, whether it’s dealing with no parking, getting treated poorly, sacrificing their health to get you what you need, and maybe the toughest one of all – having so much time away from their families. Truckers out there should be appreciated for leaving their families to make sure your families have what they need.

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