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Experienced Trucker Gives the Best Advice!

"It's probably the worst place I've seen with bad drivers!"

Brian is a Truck Driver from Jacksonville, Florida who has been a truck driver since 2009. He's owned his own trucks and been driving trucks for the last 15 years. He's experienced many things on the road and he shares insight to what it's like to be a truck driver and how people can improve their jobs as a truck driver!

First thing Elvis asked Brian was, What is the top 5 worst places to drive with a truck ? One was pretty obvious but the following were up for debate. Atlanta was number 1 on his list, which we heard a lot. Followed by Chicago and the Northeast, yes.. New York is part of the northeast. Then Brian added Houston and Charlotte!

He stated the downtown areas of Charlotte and Houston have too much traffic and is hard to bypass them. Depending on the time of day, it's probably best to avoid major cities with a semi truck because you will be sitting in traffic and wasting that clock!

Elvis continued to ask, which city has the worst driver? The answer Brian gave correlated to his worst place to drive with a truck and it was Atlanta! He continued to tell us a story about a time where he witnessed multiple instances where drivers would hit each other and keep driving on the interstate. Maybe Atlanta traffic is something you need to avoid as a truck driver.

With Brians experience out there on the road, we asked him what his advice was for future truckers out there on the road? He thought about it a bit and said, "Newer drivers aren't trained properly...If you aren't sure about something ask somebody." He goes on to say many newer truck drivers don't care about nothing else but making money on the road. "Patience is a virtue, take your time and learn the industry."

We appreciate Brian for everything he does for us and we're honored we gave him a platform to spew some knowledge to many drivers out there that are just looking for advice and help in the industry! Check out the full video and when you see Brian make sure to let him know how much he is appreciated!

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